About Us

About Puppet Shed

Founded in 1949, Puppet Shed Moving Pictures brings you the very best in short moving pictures for your electric age entertainment. We diligently comb through our film archives and deliver rarely-seen footage from around the globe. Puppet Shed is powered by a state-of-the-art dynamatic infotainment apparatus and can bring you new footage directly via the YouTubes – so subscribe to our various information-age channels, and see what we find.


Admiral Mustardtin of Puppet Shed

Admiral Aloysius Mustardtin

Producer, First Class

After completing several years worth of service in Her Majesties Royal Film Archives, intreped entrepreneur Aloysius Mustardtin had a dream. He dreamed of brining the magic of cinema to the masses and, in 1968, he did just that. Sadly, his insistence on achieving this goal via door-to-door sales proved fruitless given his lack of ability to bring the moving pictures along with him. All was not lost, however, and after a brief 15-year stint in a maximum security facility in Glasgow, he purchased one half ownership of Puppet Shed Moving Pictures – which at the time went under the name “Royal Cinema and Waste Paper Bins


Crimshaw Flipsnake IV of Puppet Shed

Crimshaw Flipsnake IV

Producer, First Class

Crimshaw makes up the second half of Puppet Shed Moving Pictures, and came into the business out of necessity. Having lost his fortune through a combination of poorly-conceived real estate investments and a crippling addition to cock fighting, Crimshaw (Crimmy to his friends) needed a new lease on life. He scraped together enough capital to buy his way into the business after inheriting a small fortune from the untimely and highly suspect passing of both of his parents who committed double suicide by cutting their own brake lines and driving off of an embankment. Crimshaw learned the trade fast and made it his life’s work to circle the globe in search of rare new films.


Addicus Gilderson of Puppet Shed

Addicus Gilderson Esq.

Senior Snake & Reptile Handler, Grade 3

Addicus Gildreson lives a dark and depraved life in the shadows of Northern Wales. As a senior partner, he handles the day to day activities in the United Kingdom as well as most of Europe. Mr. Gilderson holds seven masters degrees from the University of Cromwell on Upington and was honored by the necromancer community for outstanding work in the field of corpse re-animation.


Chandililly Snips of Puppet Shed

Chandililly Snips

Staff Secretary and Barmaid

Ms Snips began her work at Puppet Shed Moving Pictures after becoming severely intoxicated in the second level parking lot and staggering into the lobby. Once her lunch had been regurgitated into the old steamer trunk near the Secretary’s pool, she stumbled into Admiral Mustardtin’s corner office with thoughts of either robbery or sexual congress. Hours later, her employment was sealed with a simple slap on the backside and a handful of misogynist insults directed at her figure. Now Ms. Snips makes her time by managing the secretary’s pool, watching over the office women folk and fixing cocktails for the men.

Lucious Razzleberry Jackson

Lucious Razzleberry Jackson

Senior Film Archiver, Head of Company Basketball Team

Puppet Shed has always been a workplace of diversity, but once Addicus Gilderson stopped coming into the office in black face, it was clear that the company needed to hire a genuine man or woman of color. Lucious was perfect for the job and after a spirited round of slapboxing, he joined the team. Lucious was also instrumental in putting together his own blacksploitation film series entitled “Kill Whitey” which aired on UHF Channel 332 from August through October of 1971.